Monday 13 April 2009

Mixed results

Lou here. Been doing lots of pottering at the plot. No photos but will add them in soon!

The first lot of potatoes have come through. I think I planted them a bit too shallowly (is that a word?), so have added lots more top soil from the big mound I'm clearing, which has the added benefit of protecting them from any upcoming frosts. It's was a shame to cover them up though! Hopefully they'll push their way up again soon.

The peas are not looking too hot after being attacked by flea beetle, which cuts little semi circles from around the leaf edge. I wouldn't be that bothered but as the peas've only recently come through I'm not sure if they'll survive. Oh well, will sow some more if they don't make it. The vetch (aka winter tares) was in the bed adjacent up until last week, and as we were clearing the bed we noticed the vetch had flea beetle damage quite badly, so the beetles were probably gutted their lovely home was cut down and went for our peas instead..bah! Talking of peas, I planted out the home germinated peas into the back garden today...they look much more healthy so may stick to sowing in toilet roll middles and then planting out from now. We'll see, may have to experiment a bit.

Planted out 7 sweetcorn that I'd germinated at home. It's a bit early I think, but have been hardening them off and have put cut-down plastic bottle protectors around each one. I'm trying to avoid the mistake I made last year which was too leave them growing at home for too long, and the roots got really badly intertwined and they didn't like being ripped apart from each other (even though I was as gentle as possible!) and did very very badly. Sowed a different variety in tubes recently too, and one has come through already!

Ooh the pumpkins have also germinated but none of the other squashes have. Spent some time potting on the tomatoes too...haven't grown these from seed before so am quite pleased with their progress. Also pricked out some pepper seedlings and potted on a couple of aubergines (am not too bothered about the aubergines...I'm not very good at getting them to set fruit, though the flowers are pretty). Sowed some purple sprouting broccoli which should be ready this time next year...that's planning ahead for you eh!

Thanks to the rain and sun the weeds on the plot are growing fast and hiding lots of slugs and snails. I found a snail hot spot under the rosemary bush and gave them a swift squish to get the nasty job over and done with quickly. At least the birds will get a feast.

Lots more has been done too but I will not rattle on without any photos to spice it up!


  1. Thats not good about the peas. We put quite a few of ours out and we do have back up incase they don't make it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our beans too.
    Can't wait to see your pics.

  2. Thanks Emma! The peas we sowed directly at the beginning of April have started to come through this week too, so we might have a bit more luck with those but I'm not holding my breath! Yep will definitely try and raise some more at home. I think you can sow through to June with the varieties we've got, so will keep trying!

    Just about to have a look at the photos on the camera and will hopefully put them on tonight :0) Lou