Sunday 17 July 2011

Good news, bad news

Bad news first - someone has been stealing veg and fruit from our allotment site. Today I heard reports of a man having been seen wandering around the plots. I think it started about 3 or 4 weeks ago and seems most people have had something pinched. How selfish! I've had some carrots taken, which doesn't sound like much but these were going to be my best carrots ever. Last year I thought they were going to be good but then the carrot fly got them so this year I've had them covered over. Also as I try and sow successionally, he took all my carrots that were ready now. I was really looking forward to those!

I don't think there's really much we can do unfortunately. We've reported it to the city council and police. I've put up a sign saying 'please don't steal our veg' etc in the hope that using the word 'steal' might actually make them realise it's not a nice thing to do. and guilt them out of doing it again. Unlikely but you never know.

And onto the good news...after four and a half years I'm finally getting a shed - yes! A couple near me are giving up their plot (have said they don't have the time to look after it) and I'm buying their shed which is only two years old. I also get to keep everything in it including lots of bamboo canes, two folding chairs (JB is particularly excited about this), a tub of chicken poo pellets, two bags of manure and a few tools. Although it's quite small ( about 4x6 ft) I reckon it's a bargain at 50 quid. I've cleared the area where it's going and have put some slabs in place. It's currently set on metal legs (which have led to it becoming wonky) so I'm going to take them off. The only way to do this is by getting underneath the shed and unscrewing them so I need to prop it up really well before starting! (Don't really fancy getting squished by a shed). Should hopefully get it moved on the next couple of weeks, with help from some friends. (I did actually use it today to shelter from the rain, sitting on my 'new' chair (which took up about half the shed)) . Soon it will have a new home on my plot.

And a pleasant surprise today - I noticed quite a few french beans were ready in the back garden so they were a welcome addition to tonight's roast veg (including home grown potatoes, onions, garlic, courgettes, and one small aubergine). Yum