Monday 3 February 2014

Breaking radio silence

Wow, I can't believe we haven't posted since October, doesn't time fly! It's been relatively quiet on the plot over winter, though I'm trying to sort out the space for the greenhouse, which I've had in bits on the plot for about 3 or 4 years now, oops. I'm sorting it in between doing other jobs on the plot so it's slow progress.

Sunday was actually sunny! lots of people down on site making the most of a dry day. I've prepared the bed for some broad beans but didn't get chance to sow. If I manage to take a long lunch break from work tomorrow I might just get time, though it's always a bit of a challenge to not get dirty in my work clothes! I do keep an old coat in the shed but it tends to make a nice home for spiders. *shudder*

Have made a start at weeding round the fruit trees and bushes, hoping the birdies will help eat up any unwanted pests in the soil before mulching later in spring.  I do tend to get distracted and go from one job to another but it means you don't get too bored doing one thing for a long period. Though this is the problem with the greenhouse - next job for this is to lay out the bricks, and it's very faffy making sure they are all level. Have to do on another warm day as it gets cold crouching down not being very active.

Might try and sow some tomato seeds this week and put them on the window sill but more likely to do this next week I think. Have got the potatoes chitting in the lean-to.

Well, I was going to add a photo but this blog system has changed and isn't synching photos properly. Technology eh.