Friday, 3 April 2009

It's about to kick off!

Lou here again.....Well it's been a bit quiet down on the plot for the past couple of weeks. The weather's been a bit rubbish and as my folks were visiting last weekend we didn't manage to get down there. My mum and dad were impressed with all my seedlings coming along at home though and I sent them off with some little tomato plants.

And now the biodynamic northern planting period has just started so it means we can get sowing! It's a bit of a funny one though, there's a few days where the planets are all squewiff or something so you can't do any planting. But anyway this weekend is fruits which includes squashes, beans and sweetcorn, so will get sowing tomorrow and take some pics. On the allotment I'm trying to concentrate on clearing a big overgrown mound of couch grass and bramble, so we can level it out and plant out an apple tree and make a wildflower area. Oh yeah and will plant out some broad beans that I've grown in toilet roll tubes. I've been hardening them off in the back garden. Bring on the weekend!

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