Friday 17 April 2009

Lessons learnt No1.......

....don't leave your delicate cabbage seedlings on the top shelf in the lean-too when it's a really sunny day or this will happen...! Fortunately it was only the seed leaves which frazzled and the first true leaves were ok...phew! They now have a much shadier spot on the second shelf.

These are three aubergines (black beauty) potted on (the little ones) plus two of the tomatoes (money maker)....The tomatoes got a bit damaged before I potted them on....ahem...ok, I admit it, I trod on the tray with the seedlings in and they flipped over and got a tad crushed. Whoops!

Non-crushed peppers (California Wonder)

Droopy Brussels with a rogue lettuce. I think the soil was a bit loose for the Brussels, which prefer more compact soil and have since firmed the compost a bit. We don't mind having funny shaped Brussels stalks anyway!

Sweetcorn and pumpkins...more have germinated since!

Left to right... courgettes, climbing french beans and cucumbers :o)

Top shelf L to R....more peppers to be pricked out, toms (gardeners delight) - these are a month ahead of the moneymakers and are much bigger, then the same lettuces etc as before.
Lower shelf - rescued cabbages, more Brussels, red cabbage and lettuce.

Raised bed in the back garden....L to R - rocket gone to flower which we'll collect seed from, spring greens...don't know at what stage we eat these!...peas just planted out, with a few lettuces too.

Second raised bed in back garden with just erected wigwam for runner beans (and anti Minxie sticks (our cat)), with a raspberry trained to the fence.

At last...the allotment!

Onions, garlic and broad beans


Broad beans just coming into flower, with teeny lettuces in between

The sweetcorn...still alive!


  1. Ah, our cabbages did exactly the same thing. Not sure we can rescue them tho! Parsnips are looking good tho and should be able to be planted out soon.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one! We sowed our parsnip directly...taking a gamble and using seed from last year, and hurrah we have had some germination!