Saturday, 25 April 2009

If only work didn't get in the way....

....we would get so much more done on the plot! Alas, all we've been getting on with this week is a bit of weeding really, but if the weather holds out tomorrow we'll hopefully do a bit of clearing and bed preparing. The seedlings back home are mainly doing ok, some a bit too well and will have to undergo an extended hardening off i think! Things from the plot that we are eating at the mo are radishes (sown this year), chard and some final leeks. In the back garden we've also got perpetual spinach, beetroot and spring greens and some lettuce in the lean-to :o) Oh was actually the Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening that I looked up the weevils in and not organic gardening catalogue.

Here's a few pics
Strawberries coming into flower

Potatoes coming on, with a bit of winter spinach behind and some onions

Broad beans in flower (sown Nov) plus garlic and onions. Yum. Although apparently broad beans don't like being near garlic...doh! Too late now!


  1. Wow, your strawberry plants are looking healthy. Ours aren't looking too bad and its great to see our onions popping through.
    Mainly focusing on building a chicken house at home at the moment.
    Hope you're having a good weekend :D

  2. Yeh, the strawberries seem to like their new home in their own raised bed :o)
    Just looked at your blog....can't believe someone nicked your coop! There's some not very nice people around unfortunately. At least you can keep a better eye on the chickens if they're in your back garden.
    Good luck with the house move! :0)