Sunday, 7 March 2010

A day of dismantling

It was a lovely sunny day here today, though freezing in the shade. My friend Liz and I headed out to look at the greenhouse over the other side of the city (the greenhouse belonged to someone she knows at work and wanted to get rid of it cause of their little kiddies running around in the garden).

It all looked good, there were a few panes broken but nothing too serious, so we set to work taking it apart. I didn't have a clue how to get started but luckily she's pretty clued up on these types of things so we got on quite well. The panes of glass came out first, quite easily really though there were more than you expect. We were careful to keep hold of all the springy clasps and things which holds the glass in place (a few times it involved scrabbling around in the grass after they'd sprung off in all directions!)

So, on to the frame. This was a lot more tricky trying to work out which bits to take out first so we basically just went for it. At one point I was holding up the roof supports to stop the whole lot collapsing on us! Some of the bolts were pretty stiff and some snapped too so will need to find some replacements.

A couple of hours later and her estate car was full of almost a whole greenhouse! All was going to plan (apart from being a tad cold) so we made our way to the allotment back over the other side of the city. Brrrm Brrrrm Brrrmm....SMASH! Yep, although we thought the panes were nice and secure, after a few minutes of driving there was the unwelcome sound of breaking glass and we pulled over to see what the damage was. A bit of adjustment and extra padding was all that was needed and after a stop off at my place for a well deserved fry-up lunch we carted it all on to the plot. A quick trip back to pick up the last couple of bits (the door and part of the roof frame which didn't fit first time round) and now all that we need to do is level the ground, get some slabs, put it back together again. Easy peasy (ha hah). And of course there's nothing else to be getting on with on the plot either HAHAHAHahahahaha *sound of manic crazy laughing*)

Oh I did take some photos but they are trapped on my phone at the moment.


  1. I hope you labelled things?
    You did right?
    Have fun anyway - I'd still love a greenhouse looking forward to hearing what you put in yours.

  2. Ummm labelling?.....heh heh, yes we did label up a few bits which weren't obvious. The panes were almost all the same except for the triangular ones and a smaller one at the middle back. We left some bits attached to each other too and just swivelled them round for moving, to make it easier to put back together.

    I also took lots of piccies.

    No doubt we will still get in a right pickle but that's half the fun eh!

  3. When we transpoted ours the glass was the difficult bit - so as not to break it it was transported inside the car in small amounts - probably used more petrol than the glass was worth.

  4. Yeh it's a shame that with just a bit more padding to start with we'd have been ok....oh well!