Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Most upsetting favourite fork broke today. I'd popped down the plot after work to do a bit of clearing (in readiness for potatoes) and was trying to loosen up some well-established bramble roots, when there was a nasty crack and the handle shaft snapped at the point where it goes in the metal bit. *Sigh* I knew it was coming though, it started to crack a couple of weeks ago when I was moving a rose plant.

I s'pose that's what you get for leaving your tools under a bit of plastic on the plot. But my excuse is that we haven't got a shed and we do have to leave some of the bigger tools down there as it's a long way to carry them all down each time.

Then the tines of my other fork started to bend! Thems some tough brambles!

Might have to pay a visit to a carboot sale to pick up some 'new' tools.