Sunday, 28 February 2010


We've been offered a second hand greenhouse!!!!!! Aluminium with a few panes of glass missing. Whoop!
This has come out of the blue so have not planned at all.... Space not cleared on the plot so will have to stash until we're ready. Hopefully might pick it up next weekend. Yip! Also, am not sure whether we'll need to sort out a base for the frame to sit on...An allotment neighbour has got a greenhouse so will investigate what they've done. I'm hoping to get away with not having a base as that'll be extra work on top of all the other stuff that needs sorting.

On another note, it has been absolutely miserable here today so have been confined indoors. Sowed a few more seeds - celeriac, sweet pepper, Brussels, leeks. Last year the leeks I sowed in Feb didn't germinate so will be pleased if they work this year.

The toms sown a couple of weeks back have started germinating though. Have got these indoors on table top nearish a radiator for a bit of extra heat. Fingers crossed for the rest of my little seeds.


  1. So jealous I'd love a greenhouse but with two football players at home and only half a plot it's not to be. Have fun planning what to put in it...

  2. Greenhouses do need a base - ours came with one in the form of concrete blocks which the greenhouse was bolted to. On our site it is quite windy and so even the shed is fastened to a couple of fence posts - so it doesn't blow away!

    We actually managed an afternoon gardening yesterday but today it's back to freezing weather.

  3. Thanks Allot, I am a bit concerned about vandals (or kids playing football!) but the other 2 on site seem to have survived ok so far.

    Aha, thanks GLA. I had a look at one of the g-houses today and it's actually been partially buried - the lowest level is metal sheeting rather than glass.

    Hmm well I should hopefully at least see the g house this weekend and see what's what!

  4. One of our plo holders acquired a second hand greenhouse and ytansported it fully erected - minus glass on the roof of his car. How he wasn't stopped by the police I'll never know!

    There's a photo here

  5. Ha ha! That's brilliant! I think we'll be a bit more conventional and take it apart, heh heh