Monday, 15 February 2010


Another month has gone by...huh! Takes you by surprise.
Anyhoo, still the same here in Norwich..snow...frost....occasional sunny day (which never coincides with a free day of course). However, I've managed to get a bit of work done... we've got really light soil so can be worked quite soon after wet times. I've been getting on with making raised beds out of pallets, making a 'U' shape, with each bit of the 'U' being the width of a pallet, so the middle of the bed can be reached easily without being tempted to tread on the soil. I'll take some pictures soon.

Am quite pleased with how they're turning out...there's a bit of work involved with breaking the pallets apart and lugging them down to the plot (using the framework of a grannies-style shopping trolley to transport them!).

I also took the opportunity this weekend to start sowing seeds indoors - tomatoes, peppers and aubergine. And tonight have sown broad beans in toilet roll tubes (so they can be planted straight out). I also planted out some of my main crop onion sets into cut down toilet roll tubes. I wasn't going to bother with this but some of them have already started sprouting so I don't want to waste them. These will sit in our unheated lean-to but the toms etc are indoors.

I was quite sneaky and took a spur of the moment half days leave this afternoon to make the most of a dry day. I wanted to get on with making the raised beds (these need to be completed asap cause I need to sow parsnip seeds soon and more garlics). Then lo and behold, tonight it's snowing! Looks like it was a good decision...hope everyone else out there is faring well and hope for better weather this weekend!


  1. Reading in your profile about taming your plot. I can really relate to that.
    Our last plot had been lying 'fallow' for years and was in a dreadful state but I did take pictures.

    If you are interested they are here:

    I've spilt the URL as then only people who want to visit do and also blogger tends to cut it off short

  2. Hi Lou,
    I posted a response to your question on my website but just in case - here's the bit to answer your question -

    The ground does get dug usually with a rotavator before we start planting the potatoes. We dig a little of the manure substitute into the holes where we plant the potatoes. The sort of dry bagged stuff - after our manure problems - the fresh stuff is off radar at the moment.

  3. Great, thanks GLA. Yes I've heard of problems with manure.

    I might use this method on a patch of ground I've been clearing...I've got other plans for the patch in the future but know I won't get time this year, so potatoes should at least keep it under control!