Tuesday 1 December 2009

Where are my poor seeds?

....my big delivery of seeds came on Thursday but as we (and the neighbours) were out, I re-arranged delivery for Saturday with Royal Mail......nothing turned up.....decided to give them an extra day....Monday- nothing turned up. Rang RM and their records show it was successfully delivered to our house on Saturday! Yeh maybe in a parallel universe, but certainly not in this one!

So now have to go through the hassle of finding out what's happened to it. Customer Services haven't contacted me to say whether they've found it or not....RUBBISH!!!

Gawd....maybe tomorrow will bring more joy....


  1. That annoying, something similar happened to me. It was delivered to a neighbour, but the neighbour was four doors down from me, not the one next door or the one downstairs, but four doors down. And guess what when we got the package of them, the four doors down neighbours had opened the package...Cheeky.

    By the way did you get them???

    I fdo hope you get them. Seeds from the Organic Catalogue are not particularly cheap.

  2. Oh no! The anticipation, the careful choosing, hope you find them soon...

  3. Hooray I've got my seeeeeeeeds! Not sure exactly what happened in between, but yesterday they were delivered to my neighbour (unknown to me as I didn't get a slip through the door). My kind neighbour brought them round this morning :0) I'm very happy now!

    Thank you both for the concern! Phew!