Monday 23 November 2009


I have made my main seed order, through the organic gardening catalogue was rather a lot of money so I shan't reveal how much it was but a lot of the seeds will last more than one year (that's what I tell myself anyway). Plus I bought a couple of 'starter' seed mixes for two of my brothers, who have recently started growing some of their own food. I'm a member of Garden Organic, so you get 10% of your order, which is a bonus.

The weather has been nasty here, as with most of the country, but as the soil is so sandy, it's still workable even after heavy rain. I got in a couple of hours yesterday, between showers, continuing to clear the area for the apple tree and moving carpet around to the most needy areas.

I've noticed that there a lot of little seedlings popping up all over the plot, plus a carpet of green has appeared on my neighbours plot too. On closer inspection they seem to be poppy seedlings which have more than likely come from all the poppies we let seed this year....oops! Well, they're easy to hoe out and the poppies were beautiful, so worth the extra hoeing I think! Not sure that my allotment neighbour will agree......


  1. Poor weather here too, didn't get anything done this weekend, well I guess I can flick through the same magazine and think what I want to grow next year. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Hmmm yes there are lots of tempting seeds in that catalogue....even if you don't buy any, it's a great catalogue to get inspired by :o) Maybe next year we might even join the Heritage Seed Library...