Monday, 21 September 2009


Happy tomatoes. The large ones are a heritage variety (Cherokee Purple). We bought the plant from Homebase of all places for 99p earlier in the year. They were very tasty and I might try and buy some seed for next year.

Courgette doing a good impression of a pear :0)

Close- up of the cherokee

... and sliced mmmmm


  1. They look lovely - I'm still mourning the passing of mine to blight...
    Are you not considering saving the seed if you like them?

  2. Hmmm, yes good idea. Unfortunately all are eaten now! Haven't saved tomato seed before....may be next year then. This was the first year I'd grown my own toms from seed so at least that's progress!

    We got blight 2 years ago on some tomatoes I was growing outside, so since then have only grown them in our greenhouse/lean-too thing (fingers crossed blight doesn't get inside).

    Sorry yours didn't fare so well....there's always next year...(must be some blight resistant varieties out there?) :0?