Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Whopper parsnip

Okay, so it's not your traditional allotment competition-size parsnip - no metre long parsnip chips for us - but still we were pretty impressed with it! There's always that element of mystery when pulling out roots - will it be a whopper or a mini-me of its true self, or will there be anything at all!

Luckily in this case it was pretty decent sized and made a lovely parnsip and potato mash, drizzled with olive oil and nicely seasoned!


  1. That's an impressive specimen. Must have a look at mine - I thought they would still be quite titchy but your is a whopper. Well done!

  2. ...the truth is.....there was a teeny one too! Hopefully will be more big'uns than littl'uns overall.

    Yeh it's quite exciting, not knowing what's under there. Hope you have some good 'uns too.

  3. Lou and Ms Idler.

    I too am impressed with that parsnip. None of mine have looked like that so far.

    I also like your blog and am so glad I have found it. I am adding you to my blogroll, I hope you don't mind.

  4. Ace - definitely the more the merrier, so blogroll away!

    We've been pretty lucky with the parsnips so far and have had a few more good-sized ones. Our soil is really sandy and well-drained which I think they like. Hopefully they'll last us through the winter :o)