Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Alas, no time spent at the plot this weekend due to a fantastically fun trip to see friends in Sheffield, but managed to finish work a bit early today to get down there.....earthed up the potatoes, cut back some brambles a bit and did some weeding.......not enough, but it's a start!

Autumn onions in the front, which are starting to bulb-up a bit, yippee! With some early potatoes behind.

Sweetcorn - mixed success, some are doing ok but 3 have pretty much died off so today stuck some seeds in the ground as a last ditch attempt! On Thurs sowed some dwarf french beans in between the corn. Not sure how long they'll take to germinate.

Broad beans - look closely and you'll actually see some bean pods! And little lettuces too.

Wildflower area (this is borage) but has quite a few other species too. Help look after the bees!

More onions!

Poorly peas....the ones at home on loo rolls have started germinating though.

The rest of the early potatoes :0)

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