Wednesday, 27 May 2009


...have possibly planted out four courgettes instead of two courgettes and 2 pumpkins. The pumpkins were meant to go in the non-active compost heaps. Will have to have a really close look at the plants to check (labeling had gone awry) and possibly swap some over before they get too settled. Oopsie!


  1. Hmmm! I may have made the same mistake. YS happily handed me the labels from the pots, "What does this say Mum?" They all look pretty similar don't they?

  2. Ha, glad it's not just me, though no kids to blame here! The leaves are really similar but I think the new growth on the courgettes is a bit more vertical/straight than the pumpkins, which is a bit more floppy. Rubbish description but you get the idea! THe other squashes (butternut and kiri) that we're growing have got much rounder leaves. Hey ho...