Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Two whole weeks away!

We got back yesterday from a lovely holiday in northern Spain, the first few days were spent in the  countryside of Asturia. This is the 'green' part of Spain as opposed to the more arid south, though it was still really hot there.  The reason I mention the hol is because so many people were growing their own veggies, it was so nice to see and made me miss my plot even more, the staple crops seemed to be: brassicas, onions, squashes, beans (lots!, for the traditional local dish), potatoes and tomatoes. At the local markets, many home-growers were selling their produce along with the bigger producers.

I have taken some pics of plots over there and will post them when I get them off the camera. A lot of people kept chickens too.

So we both had an extra day off work today to sort out the house and plot etc. I had a good morning down there. Unsurprisingly some things were looking frazzled after two weeks of no attention and barely any rain. The worst off are the potatoes and raspberries. I forgot to take my big watering can down so prioritised watering a few things. I have now mulched most of the potatoes which are still alive and hope they pick themselves up a bit. The rasps were mulched but I didn't water them before we left as I didn't want them to ripen whilst we were away. This was a mistake! There are now many ripe but tiny and dry rasps, they taste v sweet but there's not much to them. I hope I will still get some better quality ones though, after a good water.

The squashes are coming along well, as are the dwarf French beans inter cropped with the sweet corn. Though the corn plants are all at varying stages for some reason despite all being planted at the same time. I also picked our first courgette which was a bit over-sized but not too bad considering we were away for so long.

The plan was to go back later tonight and give it a proper water and pick fruit but I have managed to catch my heel under the back door and sliced a big chunk of skin off, yuk and ow, so am laid up on the settee, hence writing this post!!

I hope it will feel better a bit later and I can maybe go down In flip flops!!

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