Sunday, 30 June 2013

Strawberry glut

So it has been a good year for strawbs and this is the latest picking. The ones in the pan are from my plot, I heat them through gently to break them down, they can then be frozen in containers or keep for longer in the fridge than if they hadn't been cooked. Very tasty on museli. There is a before and after shot but not sure what order they appear as doing this via a phone.

The ones in the tubs are from my allot neighbour who is not v well at the moment. I've been cutting his paths and picking his strawbs, of which there are masses, that man can sure grow fruit! This is some from his patch, I ran out of time yesterday, so will pick the rest today and drop them round. They keep better if you pick them with the stalks still attached. His are a much redder colour than mine though they are all tasty!


  1. But not a glut eh - that implies more then you really want and you can never say that about strawberries. :)

    Any that we can't eat fresh we do a similar thing and freeze the resulting 'compote' to use with yoghurt or porridge.

  2. Yes that's true! Though I can't remember if I did this last year, I think we mainly ate them as they ripened, so our plants are probably now at their best in terms of quantity.

    The chap with the nice strawbs is going to downsize his patch and is going to give me some of his plants, which is handy as I was going to start a replacement patch this year anyway :)

    Ah 'compote', sounds much nicer than the way I usually refer to my frozen fruit concoctions ('fruit mush!').

  3. I had a glut and then next doors chickens escaped into my garden. Problem solved :-( .
    I hope they stay penned in when the blueberries are ready.

  4. Oh dear, a friend at work had a similar problem in previous years but said this is the first she has got a crop, so is very chuffed. Blackbirds and slugs n snails get mine too. My allotment chap uses leaf mould instead of straw and it seems to have good results, I think I will copy!

    Good luck with your blueberries.

  5. I am so envious of yours and your neighbours strawberry glut. Mine are small and very green.

  6. Hi Shaheen, maybe they are a later variety? Mine will be over soon but you will then be enjoying yours :)