Monday, 15 October 2012

Autumn harvest

So yes it's been too long since we last posted but will hopefully be back on track now.
We dug up our first parsnip yesterday and it was a big'un! It was roasted with our own potatoes, yum. Whilst the oven was on I roasted one of the potimaron squashes, which went into a spiced soup tonight. Double-yum.
Beans did badly this year, as did red currants but most other things did pretty well. I wish I'd made more effort on the greens though. We do have sprouts and some cabbages but not much chard. As the saying goes, there's always next year!


  1. Hmm I used a smart phone app to post this, to see what happens. Doesn't let you re-size photos but was quite easy. Full photos can be seen by clicking on individual pics.

  2. We haven't dug any of our parsnips yet so still just hoping there is something below ground. We were in Suffolk for a holiday in September in Thorpe Morieux near Bury St Edmunds - not too far from you.

  3. Ah that sounds nice, hope you liked Suffolk.

    I was going to get another parsnip yesterday for a roast but rain stopped play. It didn't stop me making a roast though as we have tonnes of potatoes and being inside all day meant I had time to make a nut roast too. Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose!

    1. We did enjoy Suffolk especially Flatford Mill , the Owl Sanctuary and Gooderstone Water Gardens some of which I think were actually in Norfolk