Sunday 17 April 2011

Peaking potatoes

My earlies have broken through! I earthed them up straight away though, just in case of frosts. This year I've planted Amorosa, so we'll see how they get on. I've been pretty bad at keeping records of how varieties have done in the past, so this year I'm going to change my ways! Particularly as some varieties have definitely been better than others...but which ones!? Fresh start from here.

Talking of potatoes (as I often do), I also put in one lot of the late mains (Isle of Jura). Another lot of late mains to go (Setanta). The bed needs clearing of PSB (purple sprouting broc) before that and giving it the ripped cardboard/chicken pellets/horse poo combo. I think my horse poo supply isn't going to last all summer, sigh!

And talking of peaking...the asparagus is also just breaking through. I was at the plot this morning and then went down late eve to water and I'm sure they'd grown by about half a cm in one day. Better keep an eye on them this week. Mmm this will be the first year of harvesting.

Lots of action now on the plot including red currant berries already forming, loads of flowers on the black currants and gooseberries. Also lots of weed-action and grass-path growing so will have to try and keep on top of that. JB helped with some weeding this evening which was much appreciated.

I've been sowing lots of seeds at home too including the pumpkins and other squashes, brassicas, chinese cabbage, lettuces and basil. Some seeds only took about 3 days to germinate...whooosh! You could almost hear them grow.


  1. Lots of fruit flowers for us too and the potatoes in the potao sacks are sprouting

  2. Great! Ha I just realised I used the wrong 'peak' instead of 'peek' but I guess the other one could just about apply too!

    We went to get some leeks (not leaks) after work and a couple of the earlies had broken through again. Have to keep a watch on them. And I forgot to look at the asparagus....tomorrow it is then!

  3. We had our first ever taste of homegrown asparagus this weekend... Mmmmm lovely! Hope yours comes to harvest ok, watch out though cos they grow really quickly once they appear. :)

  4. Oooh, yes you're right, we had 6 spears, and 3 were almost a bit too far gone. Delicious though. Looking forward to next year!