Monday, 23 August 2010

Mini haul from the back garden

Baby carrots & chard from the back garden. Plus pots, onions, garlic, courgettes & custard marrow from allotment all going in tonight's tasty curry :)


  1. Those carrots look yummy - I do wish I could grow carrots - any tips?

  2. Mmm thanks. These are a stubby variety of carrots (can't remember the variety) which we've grown in tubs in the back garden.... Umm I think we've just been lucky with them really, this is the first time we've properly grown them - did just a few last year but had poor germination. The soil is quite sandy and well-drained, which I think they like, and thinning definitely helps. Topped up the soil in the tubs with a bit of peat-free bought compost before sowing.

    On the allot they're doing well too though I haven't thinned, so on the whole they're pretty small, but tasty! I think germination is related to watering (last year just left them to it) - this year I kept watering the rows I'd sown (it was very dry) to encourage germination which seems to have worked....