Saturday, 17 April 2010

It's all happening...

.....early potatoes have peeped through the soil (earthed up today in case of frost), red currant and black currants are in flower, first carrot seedlings are up, PSB (purple sprouting broccoli....not Pet Shop Boys) has had second crop, all the main potatoes are in, all the onions are in, broad beans are up (though getting nibbled by the pea and bean weevils), radishes are up and starting to swell, lettuces have germinated, peas starting to come through..the list goes on

And yet there is still so much more to do (sense of panic anyone?). Things still to sow include; sweetcorn, courgette, PSB and other cabbagey things, pumpkins and other squashes, runner beans, french beans, beetroot, khol rabi, basil, cucumber and rainbow chard of course...the list goes on

...and a greenhouse to put up of course.

So what will tomorrow bring? Mulching, mulching, and more mulching. It's dry as a bone out there and the soil has capped and all those eager little seedlings won't be able to break their way through, so mulching it is. Hmmm, mulch...that's a funny word. Ahem, anyway....mulching and seeding sowing, that's what tomorrow will bring (weather pending).


  1. Our fruit tree and bushes are in flower and were given a good watering yesterday - many are newly planted.

    It seemed to be water, water, water as my plot neighbour is away in Spain and his seedlings needed watering too. Womder if they will ever be back or the ask cloud will keep them in Spain!

  2. Yes, it's nice having some lovely sunshine but a few showers wouldn't go amiss (preferably overnight!)