Friday, 7 August 2009


Some photos from this week. Have spent the evening looking up runner bean and courgette chutney recipes. Glut here we come!

Sweetcorn under planted with dwarf french beans


This is my wigwam set-up with courgette, lettuce and beans

First pumpkin of the year - seems rather early - this is actually ripe now! (hollow sounding when tapped)

Part of our wildflower area

The compost bins with courgette and pumpkin plants are doing well :0)


  1. Lovely corn and is that a borlotti bean? It all looks so ordered!

  2. Thanks guys! Must confess have only taken pics of the best bits of the plot - lots of overgrown areas still to be cleared and nursery beds/coldframe etc to be made(work for this winter!)

    The beans are Blauhilde, a climbing French variety from the Organic Gardening Catalogue - very pretty and tasty too :o)