Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Home made...


From these beauties


Improvised jelly straining set-up.
We now have many jars of redcurrant jelly (with a hint of cinnamon). Really easy recipe from Deila Smith's website originally I think. Basically, equivalant amount of berries and sugar, cook the berries first, add the sugar and disolve, (at this point I also added in cinnamon) then boil for 8-10 mins .....except I forgot the boiling bit and hence they are a bit runny but I have decided to call it redcurrant syrup ;o)

bird's eye view

How colorful is that? Loverly rainbow chard.


  1. Beautiful coloours - I hope it all tastes as great as it looks!

  2. Thank you! Mmm yes it was very tasty and the chard is still going strong. Have sown some more to keep up supply when the current lot starts to bolt. Actually, it's the best chard i've ever grown so am quite chuffed...raised beds seem to have helped :0)