Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tonight's exploits....

It's amazing what you can achieve in an hour and a half....

Fruit mush for on our breakfast (blackberry and gooseberry with old fruit preserve added as a sweetener)

A quick curried squash (our first winter squash, picked young so has a thin skin):

Cooking up some beans:

Bottling up some gherkins and making a snack pot for tomorrow (home grown beans, toms, ridge cuke and crystal lemon cuke):

Oh and I made sandwiches with home grown toms, gherkin (the wild fermented batch that I'll report on another time) and basil, plus cheese (not homemade!) And here's a pic of today's curcurbit harvest...I've never had so many ( this is my first year for gherkins). There's also some vine leaves for adding to tomorrow's pickle:

Sorry about the shadows, our kitchen light is in the wrong place for taking photos on the worktop.

Right time for bed


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