Sunday, 10 August 2014

Stormy Sunday #2 and harvest update

We've got more heavy rain today so probably no trip to the plot, which is a shame as we've been away for a couple of days. I have been in and out of the back garden collecting water in buckets and trugs though, wearing flip flops and shorts so it doesn't matter getting wet. I've been cutting off the next lot of lower tomato plant leaves too, to increase light to the fruits and improve air circulation.

There's been a casualty in back of the courgette plants has collapsed. I'm not sure why but it could've been the weight of rain combined with slugs n snails nibbling on the stem. It was getting too big for the space anyway but still a bit of a shame. This does make me more sure not to bother with them at home next year and stick to the allot. I can then grow more salad leaves here, which do badly on the plot as it's so dry there. Pic taken in brief non-rainy spell!

Collapsed stripey courgette
Has anyone else's runner beans gone mad? These are in the back garden, they produced loads of side shoots that I (rightly or wrongly) have just let twine themselves around whatever they can, then pinch the ends off.
Here's the harvest from the allotment from Tuesday/Weds and Thursday, stills lots coming. The apples were wind falls. I wasn't expecting them to be ready but they're super-sweet. I forgot to check on Thursday if there were any more as they're on a dwarf tree right down the far end of the plot. Also this doesn't include the toms or runner beans from home.
Tuesday (beans) and Weds

I'm going to do some cooking today as it's miserable outside...results to follow! Also I do have to cycle over and check on our friends' chickens, hopefully it'll clear up a bit later :/

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