Sunday, 3 August 2014

Beans and courgettes....

...are coming fast and furious so I was having a flick through a few of my books for inspiration. In The Allotment Gardener's Cookbook (Reader's Digest) there's some good 'uns for beans so I chucked some courgette and kale in too. I also had two egg yolks let over from yesterday's Kalhua brownie slices so added them too.

So the two basic recipes were French beans with herbs ( that I added the courgette and kale to) and cheesy French beans (that I added the egg to). The cheesy recipe was meant to be done in the oven but I did it on the hob and then finished under the grill (which is broken and you have to hold the knob in the whole time so we don't use it much.) Anyway, here's how they looked......everything home grown except the eggs 'n' cheese. Ok now to make some jam.


  1. Have you tried courgette crumble - tastes like an apple crumble.

  2. Ooh, no I haven't.....hmm might have to give that one a go next time we have oven on :)