Monday, 7 July 2014


The toms in our lean- to seem to be setting fruit really well so far this year, fingers crossed. Here's a quick run-through of some of them, I love the way even when they're small the shapes of the different varieties come through:
Super marmande, a big variety  I got free on the front of a mag I think.

Craig - a pack of seeds I've had kicking around for a while, also from a mag. Looks like a nice medium sized fruit.

Sweet cherry, as you can see, a small fruit. Good crop so far!

Red pear, a cute pear shaped fruit funnily enough. Free on a mag. (I think the same mag as the marmande, earlier this year? ) 

This is just a shot showing a bit of the jungle that is our lean-to. It's actually more ordered than it looks! Just enough space to squeeze through between the groups of toms. Although this photo has made me see a naughty extra stem that I hadn't spotted before (rhs). I might just leave it though usually I'm quite ruthless! 

That's it for now....wondering how long before the first ones ripen. The last few years I've grown a small bush variety (I nick named Tiny Tim) which ripens early but ran out and forgot to order more. Hmm the real name escapes me at the mo.....oh yes, Red Alert I think. Will order more for next year.

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