Saturday, 5 July 2014

Crunchy broad bean snacks

So I tried the spicy recipe from here

The recipe uses dried beans soaked overnight etc, whereas I was using fresh cooked beans so hoped it would have similar they are
This is about half the amount as we'd eaten the rest! They turned out quite well. I didn't add any sugar to try and be a bit healthier but I can imagine them being even tastier with it. I guessed the amount of beans to add as didn't know how the dry vs fresh weight would compare. It was a lucky guess and filled a baking tray-ful. Also as the dried beans are 'split' I did this with my beans too, to try and get an even bake. It was an extra process but seemed to be worth it. I had the oven on tonight anyway, to make potato wedges with the tasty early pots (Colleen - which always make me think of jolene by Dolly Parton...there it goes gain in my head!).

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