Friday, 27 June 2014


The summer fruits are coming thick and fast.....
This delicious concoction is made up of a few last strawberries, with red currants and saskatoons. The Saskatoon bush has really come along this year with loads of fruit (most of which I've just been eating down the plot) but I saved a couple of days worth here.

The raspberries are doing really well. We've had lots if rain recently so I'm trying to go through picking every couple of days as otherwise they'll spoil. It was raining this evening and there's not enough space to get between the rows without getting soaked from the leaves so I stood with an umbrella and just reached in as far as I could. A nice way to spend the evening listening to blackbirds singing. I'm keeping the rasps separate and freezing them for later use.

Less pleasant was the snail and slug squashing part of the evening...urgh. But I did see a couple of frogs who will do their bit for slug control too. 


  1. Are Saskatoon berries like blueberries?

  2. Yes similar, but not fussy about soil. I bought one from here a few years back.