Monday, 16 June 2014

Back garden update

So here's a few pics from the back garden - toms Sweet Baby in the lean to. Am also growing money maker, Craig, super marmande, something pear and another I think! The iPad camera doesn't like the low light levels this evening so sorry for the poor quality.

Next up is the beautiful parsley which has gone to flower, this was from the set of plants from our Rocket Garden Mediterranean gift set last year. The flowers are stunning and the insects love it. I've pruned a few stems off already as it's pretty huge but am leaving as much as possible. 
Here's one of the courgettes, I have five in total, two in the back garden and 3 on the allotment, all in slightly different stages of growth but two of them have baby courgettes nearly ready for picking. You can also spot 3 sweet corn plants, some small peas at the bottom of the netting and some lettuces under plastic bottles. I was going to direct sow some dwarf French beans but ive got a few beans growing up the fence behind and a gherkin plant so don't think there'll be room, especially when the courgette gets going. There's also some rocket plants left from last year's Rocket Garden gift set which I keep hacking back and they keep producing more leaves so might as well keep them going for as long as possible, sort of on a rotation of coppicing! The netting is to try and keep the local cats (including our own) out of the veg plots. I've adapted the design this year and made little gates in each so I don't have to wrench my leg over every time. Have had to put in sticks and string to make the fence a bit higher too. Seems to be working now after some fine tuning! So thought I'd grow the peas up the netting to make use of the space this year.
 And finally this is the plot on the other side of the small garden with netting again and peas at the base. I have a bean wigwam this side plus beans up the fence. I had a courgette in the middle last year but it didn't do very well so I wasn't going to bother this year with a curcurbit there. However! In the tomato compost in the lean to I've had a few germinate so thought I might as well transplant a couple and see what they do.

So that's me for tonight, a rather cool, dreary evening which led me to sticking inside mostly, very unlike me for a Monday night! I might just blanch some broad beans now to at least do something veg related! Eating a whole bar of green and blacks spiced chilli chocolate probably doesn't count, oops.

Oh just finally, a pic of the chilli plant bought for 70p from a local hardware store (Thorns - fantastic shop in Norwich). Already in flower after potting on twice, I might just pot it on in to an even larger tub as only have the one plant. Lovely flowers though.


  1. I do wish the weather would buck up and stay bucked up for a while.

    1. ( well I tried to reply before but doesn't seem to have worked) Anyway, yes it would be nice for a bit of consistency but we are in Britain after all!