Monday, 6 April 2009


Lou here - Just a few little pics of some of our seedlings. Also sowed a load on Saturday as it was a 'fruit day' - purple climbing french beans (Blauhide) and runner beans (Scarlet Emporer) in toilet roll middles - grew the purple french beans last year and they were very pretty and very tasty, crystal lemon cucumbers (recommended by a friend) and courgette (Nero) in pots, pumpkin, kiri and butternut squash (these seeds saved and dried from fruits we got in a veg box a couple of years ago) in pots, and sweetcorn (Sweet Nugget) in toilet roll tubes - have put all these in the lean-to.
On the allotment Ms Idler has been doing lots of weeding and I've been preparing the ground for the potatoes and also some more red onion sets that a fellow plot holder had spare.

Peas in the foreground and dwarf french beans behind. The peas are to go in the back garden, where we've got a couple of small veg beds (which we made when we moved in, before we got the allot plot). At the allotment I directly sowed some peas (Ambassador) about a month ago and they've just started to show through. We also sowed another row at the weekend. Mmmm peas.

Some more seedlings in the lean-to. Top row is sweetcorn in the tubes, red cabbages, summer cabbages, leeks, with lettuce and coriander in the big pots behind that have been growing since autumn and keeping us in some salad over winter. Second row is sprouts and mess, mess and more mess.


Some of the leeks. Have got some other pots though not that many have germinated yet. Will probably do some more just in case!

Some of the potatoes chitting. these are Maris Bard (first early). As it is roots planting time from 4pm tomorrow through to 11pm thurs will get them in over the next couple of days :0)

Broad beans (actually planted these out on the allot yesterday). In the black pot behind is an apple tree waiting to be planted out (am still clearing the space for it).

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