Saturday, 18 April 2009


We spent a couple of hours down the plot today, mainly weeding and cutting the paths (using the cuttings to mulch the raspberries), though we've still got a fair amount of clearing to get done. Need to make another bed or two for all the brassicas we've got coming on at home..sigh! If only work didn't get in the way of allotmenting!

Apple blossom on the dwarf tree (Charles Ross) we planted out earlier this spring. We went for an M27 (I think it was)...anyway it was the second smallest you can get. We were going to get the smallest but as we have poor soil, the nursery (Reads Nursery at Hales Hall, Norfolk) , recommended we get the next one up. We pruned the 'maiden' to about 1m high as per advised in one of the million books we've got.

Here's some of the black currant blossom. ...the bushes are covered in it!

...and some red currant blossom....and even some teeny berries!


  1. Aww dont you just love the blossom. Our 2 raspberries and redcurrant bushes are looking pretty good now they're in the ground surrounded by manure. Did yours give fruit the first year?

  2. We were lucky that the fruit bushes (except the apple) were already on our plot, so they must've been at least 5 years old when we got it (the length of time we've been told it had been abandoned). They were really overgrown with brambles etc though and had spread themselves around so were too crowded. I had a good clear out this winter and gave away lots of red currant bushes and some spare raspberry canes to give the rest some room. The main big red currant remaining needs a lot of re-shaping though as it sort of collapsed last year cause it had previously been held up by the brambles! Had a good crop last year despite that and made red currant jelly which was very tasty :0)