Monday, 20 March 2017

Harvest Monday - freezer treats and a polytunnel

For breakfast every morning we both have muesli topped with yogurt and a fruit concoction (usually a mix of apples, berries, currants from the allotment). This week though, we discovered several tubs of strawberries in the freezer...yummy. I've still got other frozen berries to mix together too, so there should be plenty to keep us going until the fresh ones come along.
Out on the plot I've been picking self sown chard...
Purple sprouting broccoli and Brussels sprouts shoots....
And the last curly kale, which I've cleared from a bed I want to use soon. There's also been a few Nero kale sideshoots from the plants I snipped the tops off recently...
In the lean-to at home I've picked a bit more lettuce and some more pea shoots, a lovely fresh taste.
We used up some of the goodies in a stir fry. I also really like the purple sprouting broccoli just lightly steamed to soften it a bit, a gorgeous flavour.
Out at Eves Hill Veg Co not-for-profit farm the polytunnel frame was up, and beds inside it prepped. Time for the cover...
With multiple pairs of hands, ladders and some teamwork we got the cover right the way over, hooray
The trenches get filled in a bit with soil to weigh the plastic down, and then plastic is pulled to get a tight fit over the frame
The doorways get cut out and then the plastic is pleated and secured in place with batons on the inside of the doorframes. This sounds easy but the pleating was tricky - luckily one of the other volunteers was really good at it.
Looks pretty good

The polycover team

And here's what's happening in the original, smaller polytunnel...salads coming on very nicely. The sorrel is particularly tasty, a really intense flavour.

Ah yes, I definitely have poly-tunnel envy...maybe one day eh. On the allotment I've planted out my main onion sets (variety Sturon) and have still to do the red onions (Red Baron). I'll also shortly plant out my early potatoes, sow some spring broad beans and parsnips. The summer raspberry canes have been tied in and now I need to mulch around all the fruit bushes with compost. Plus it's not long until the peak sowing month...April...eep.


Thanks for reading this week, I'm linking in with Harvest Monday hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres



  1. I sometimes think a giant polytunnel or better still a biome over all our plot would be a good proposition. No more hostage to the vagaries of the weather.

  2. It looks like your spring harvests are coming on nicely. Your breakfast sound much the same as mine, though I had to give up yogurt. The frozen fruit is so nice to have on hand. Suddenly I am hungry for a strawberry smoothie! And I'm thinking the polytunnel project gave you all a good workout.

    1. Thanks Dave, mmm strawberry smoothie sounds like a good idea. Maybe on a slightly warmer day....I'm down visiting family and it's gone all cold and rainy. Back to sunny(?) Norwich tomorrow.
      Hehe, yes, I enjoy those sorts of projects, you get some good overall exercise, in the sun, birds singing in the background, buzzards flying nearby, lovely.

  3. I must say you have a wonderful variety of veg coming out of the garden for this time of year. And I'll join you in your poly tunnel envy!

    1. Thanks Margaret, it's worked out quite well this late winter / early spring. I'll have to try and repeat it again this year.
      ...just a little polytunnel would be nice ;) Though I'm lucky with my lean-to at home.