Monday, 3 August 2015

Harvest Monday - rhubarb and gooseberry flapjack with recipe

Hey it's my 200th post! I only noticed by accident and haven't had chance to do anything special, so will try and do something soon.
This week, the weather's been weird but finally returning to summer the last couple of days. A bit of rain would be nice actually. (I must water the tom plants in the lean-to before bedtime.)
Harvests have started picking up again slowly - it had been really cold so things were pretty much just sitting there.
Lots of chard and a cuke, onions from the shed, the last few raspberries and the first few blackberries. The chard is mainly from some plants which were growing since last year - I had a good crop from them and when they started to bolt in late spring I cut them right to the ground and they produced lots of new leaves, a bonus crop!
A few more blackberries, yummy
And this little lot, picked yesterday. Spot the robot face? And a boomerang courgette. The yellow chard seeded itself from plants I let run to seed in the past and this popped up in the onion bed. A nice splash of colour. The blackberries are picking up the pace too, lucky I got a bigger freezer in the winter.
Meals have included this noodle dish with chard, onion, garlic. And not my peas, mushrooms, beans, ground ginger. Wish they were my peas though!
Some comfort food. The potatoes were real good, oven cooked.
More comfort food - pie and veggies. Pie not home made either! I cooked the veggies in just a bit of butter and steamed in the water that came out from them)
The toms have been slow to ripen
But, yay, the improved weather the last couple of days has started taking an effect
Hehee, don't know how why my hand looks odd
Mmm, fresh veggies
Little n large: In the back garden the rhubarb was blocking access to the water butt (even though that's empty at the mo), so I picked a few stems (there's still more but after a certain time it's advised to stop picking so the plant can recuperate, so I'll not pick too much more). And I was emptying out one of the compost bins to pot-on some basil seedlings when I found a few teeny potatoes that must've grown by themselves, Very cute
Well the basil potting-on took absolutely ages and I didn't even get through half of them - I wanted to get to the plot to pick courgettes and make choc courgette cake for a trip out with friends the next day. So instead I thought I'd make use of the rhubarb, and found a flapjack recipe in The Allotment Seasonal Planner & Cookbook by Andi Clevely. It needed 2lbs of rhubarb but I only had one, so used a pound of gooseberries from the freezer instead. I also used museli instead of rolled oats (a quick internet search confirmed they could be used as a replacement but just adding a bit more quantity) and used honey instead of golden syrup plus dates to replace some of the sugar.
So the recipe I used ended up being -
1lb rhubarb
1lb gooseberries
140g butter
260g museli base
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tsp ground ginger
40g dried dates
35g Demerara sugar
4 tbl sp Norfolk honey
Oven at gas mark 5
Lined and Greased 8inch pie dish (I used one that the bottom pushes up from to get it out easier)
1. Simmer all the fruit together until soft,
2. Warm the sugar with the butter and honey until dissolved then add in the museli, ground ginger and salt
3. Use 3/4 of the oat mix to line the bottom and sides of the pie dish, pressing down lightly
4. Pour in the fruit mix (I found that I only need about 2/3 of the mix )
5. Cover with the remaining oat mix and bake for 35-ish minutes
The mix doesn't look that apetising!
I meant to take more photos of the process but was distracted by half-watching a film at the same time! Here it is ready for the oven.
And the next morning, Mmm. The night before, it was a bit floppy but it had firmed up the next day.
I wondered what it would be like inside - the fruit mix had soaked into the oats. Yum yum.
And for something completley different, a naughty pigeon flew into the lean-to and knocked over some of my
purple basils. Well, they were getting a bit past it so it wasn't too much of a problem!
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  1. Oh your tomatoes are coming along nicely ad you have some rhubarb, I will have to take a look at ours - i ignored it when i found some beasties on it. I quite like rhubarb flapjacks, and these look good to me. Would love one right now for brekkie.

    1. Thanks shaheen, Mmm yes the flapjack would make a good brekkie for sure

  2. Wonderful harvests, and a great recipe, I'm writing it down. You've been working hard at the plot I think. Haven't seen my for a week and a half, I shudder to think what will be going on down there. And how big the courgettes will be... CJ xx

    1. Thanks CJ, funnily enough I don't feel like I've been doing much at the plot, mainly just dealing with slugs and snails. But today (on my day off) I've had a couple of sessions, watering this morning and grass cutting this afternoon, amongst other things.
      Your holiday looked brill, just my kind of thing.
      Ha ha, sometimes it's nice to be away from the plot for a few days, to come back to some hopefully nice surprises!

  3. Congrats on your 200th. I never notice those things on my blog until after the fact. Lovely harvests and your noodle dish look delicious.

    1. Thanks Daphne, I've been racking up the posts since joining in with Harvest Monday! It's given me a great focus, so thank you for hosting us all :)

  4. Well done on reaching the 200 mark.

    I love flapjacks and that recipe sounds delicious

    1. Thanks Sue, yes 200! How did that happen! Thank you, the recipe is nice as it's not too sweet - the fruit is quite tart (despite the dates added) with the sweeter oaty mix making a good combination

  5. Congratulations on 200 - that's quite the milestone! You think your tomatoes are slow...I've had 3 cherries and 1 salad tomato so far...really wish things would speed up a bit.

    My parents used to love watching "Are You Being Served" and whenever I see egg and chips, I think of that episode where they are at a fancy restaurant and end up changing their "lobster & champagne" order to "Egg & Chips with a pot of tea" when they realize their meal is not being paid for.

    1. Thank you Margaret, it doesn't feel like I've written 200 posts, I'm still a beginner!
      Sigh, yes my toms have slowed again but I'm sure they'll get going for us both soon. I'd like to start making some sauces for the freezer but no chance at the moment.
      Hehe, I haven't seen that episode but can imagine it. I'd prefer their meal to the posh one any day!

  6. When I think of flapjack's, I think of breakfast pancakes (with syrup). But yours looks better than a pancake! Congrats on the 200th.

    1. Thanks Susie, I've seen those breakfast pancakes but don't think I've ever had them. Must remedy that sometime. The flapjacks were quite filling, they lasted well too, we finished them off today. I've just thought that I've pretty much been having the same for breakfast too as have had museli with the leftover rhubarb / gooseberry mix on top each day since Sunday!

  7. I'm so jealous of your huge harvest! I harvested my first spinach beet today, and ate it mixed with some noodles and stir fry too!

    1. Thanks SH Susie! Ah, you can't beat a stri fry, hope your spinach beet carries on producing for you.