Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Something for nothing

I love it when you get bonus veg or fruit. A few years back I sowed pak choi as a catch crop after something else. It didn't really come to much and some ran to seed. Each year since I've had a few small pak choi plants germinate in that same bed, from the seed, which has been nice.

This year, something has really got them going! The bed had early potatoes in which I dug up quite a few weeks ago. I then weeded the bed and planted out the leeks, under enviromesh. The pak choi has loved the disturbed soil and conditions under the mesh. Excellent! 


  1. I.m guessing you have problems with allium leaf miner - dread it making it to our area

    We get lettuce popping up in much the same was.

  2. Hi sue, we have leek moth caterpillars, I think we've escaped allium leaf miner so far. Barrier method seems to work to keep the little blighters off.