Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rainy (ish) Wednesday

I was going to spend a bit of time of the plot tonight but, it's well, RAINING! Yes! We've had so little rain recently that it's a good reason to miss the plot this evening. It seems to just be a bit drizzly but still it's better than nothing.

The first pea pods are forming so shouldn't be too long til we get to enjoy them. Yummy yum. We've had a lot of radishes and some lettuce thinnings. The chard from last summer is still cropping a bit too. The first little row of spinach will be ready to start picking soon aswell.

Some of the potatoes got frosted which was a shame but seem to have recovered. It was strange how the frost effects were quite different across the plots at our site. Must be due to microclimate differences I guess.

I'd decided to leave some leeks to flower but at the weekend noticed that they were riddled with leek-moth holes and I even spotted a crysalis. So in the end I consigned most of them to the compost heap but left the few that seemed to be ok, squishing a few of the maggoty caterpillars on the way. I did consider going through and squishing all of them but nobody else on the site seems to bother controlling them so doesn't seem much point. I have now buried the composted leeks under quite a lot of grass cuttings though. Plus they'll start composting and might not be habitable by the caterpillars for much longer.

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  1. We need quite a solid downpour if the plot is going to gain any benefit. The bit of rain we have had just dries up minutes after falling.