Thursday, 17 March 2011

Seeds n stuff

So far I've sown some toms, peppers, aubergines, a few brassicas, and some peas and leeks. The onion sets are in (didn't bother with autumn onions this year as only about half survived the previous winter and then they got leek moth so didn't do so well), as are the garlics. Oh almost forgot, have also sown a couple of short rows of broad beans and parsnips.

I keep getting a guilty feeling that I should really sow some more though.....the box of seeds keeps looking at me. I need to have a major pot-washing session though before I can get on, which is a bit off-putting. Maybe this weekend?

I've had a few portions of purple sprouting broccoli from the plot, which have been REALLY tasty. Tonight I had some with feta cheese. Mmmm. And there's still more to come. Trouble is I need to start clearing them away for the potatoes. Hmm I think the pots will just have to carry on chitting a while longer!


  1. Don't feel guilty you have time to sow seeds. It's better to wait that rush into sowing

  2. I'm quite on top of seed sowing this year for a change but if I do suddenly think of something I should have done I just remember my less organised years and how everything ends up catching up just fine once the weather warms up properly. Nature's good like that. :)

  3. Ha ha, yes that's also very true. I still haven't made much more progress with the sowing but I've at least been cleaning the pots in preparation!