Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Horse poo!

I spent a few hours on Sunday shovelling horse poo, and much fun it was too! A fellow allotmenter knows some people with a stable and we were assured there was a massive bay of horse poo of varying ages to help ourselves to. On arrival with a friend and his old landrover it came as a little surprise that the bay was empty!! Apparently a farmer had come and cleared the lot earlier in the week. Bah!!

But all was not lost as some big plastic barrels had been filled with manure ages ago (for reasons unknown!) and inside was lovely well-rotted manure..huzzah!
Mmmm manure.....

I put some on the raised bed (rear one in pic above) where the second lot of early potatoes are going to go. You can see the difference in colour!

Does anyone know whether I've put too much manure on?? Or is it a case of 'never too much' for potatoes?

This is the first time we've actually had anything to improve the soil in any great bulk, so I'm very grateful to have it. I dug some in to the soil before planting out some autumn raspberry canes (given to us by a friend who was tidying up their allot) the other day and after work today I put some on top of the rather poor asparagus bed (hoping the worms will do the work and incorporate it into the soil for me plus to avoid damaging the asparagus crowns). More pics soon!

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