Friday, 27 February 2009


I'm pleased these garlics have come up. They were planted in November so it's a relief to see them peeking through and that they haven't rotted in the ground. One of the benefits of having a well drained soil!


  1. Hi, hope you don't mind me following your blog. I love to see what people are growing - and what is coming up when etc. Our garlics are up now too.
    Good luck with the biodynamic gardening. I used to try gardening 'by the moon' but didn't have the time to do it properly, so reverted to the 'whenever I get the chance' approach. May give it another shot though.

  2. Thanks for giving us our first comment Ferris! So far so good with the biodynamic sowing....we're now in a bit of limbo waiting for the next 'northern planting' time but are easily filling in the time with clearing and weeding! Hope you enjoy our blog